Reliable, cost effective
insurance for retailers of
Electronic Cigarettes

For retailers of e-cigarettes, finding electronic cigarette insurance is a crucial yet much dreaded business task. That’s why we are here for all stockists of electronic vaporisers and able to provide the comprehensive electronic cigarette insurance that you require!

Vapour Cover is a trading name of Apollo Insurance. Founded in 1963, Apollo Insurance provides expert insurance coverage for the E-Cigarette sector. We are specialists in the electronic cigarette field and have been providing coverage for businesses operating in the sector since 2007. Our policies allow us to defend you against any third party claims that occur after vaporiser purchase or use.

Following the introduction of the UK indoor smoking ban, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigarettes, rechargeable cigarettes, personal vaporisers and atomisers). These smoking alternatives enable users a similar smoking fix but without producing fumes. They are an incredibly handy option for those who wish to smoke in public spaces where smoking is now forbidden.

Despite their increased popularity, at present a retailer of e-cigarettes will find it problematic to secure adequate product liability. Due to a lack of historic data around e-liquid health concerns and insurance profitability– the market for electronic cigarette insurance has been almost shut down entirely. Luckily, we are able to help those who require this form of coverage!

Many e-cigarette sellers do not realise that product liability rests with them rather than the manufacturer or supplier. E-cigarette users will send any claims directly to the retailer. This is because most e-cigarette manufacturers originate in China and it’s simply not doable to pass a claim all the way back to the production line. Even a well-defended claim can cost thousands of pounds for e-cigarette retailers. Electronic cigarette insurance ensures the vital financial protection needed should a case arise.

At Vapour Cover, our e-cigarette insurance gives coverage to a variety of companies across the UK, from small retail companies to wholesalers with multi-million pound turnovers. As pros in the e-cigarette product insurance business, we are highly knowledgeable in the areas of electronic cigarette products and are well-versed to adjust our policies to specifically benefit our clients.

Over the past year, the increase in e-cigarette use has also seen increased cases of electronic cigarette and liquid theft. We are able to provide insurance in case of this too.

As well as electronic cigarette insurance, We also provide an extensive range of Corporate and Commercial Insurance Policies via Apollo Insurance. We have been helping organisations in the growth and protection of their businesses for over five decades.